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Zero Nicotine Review

Review: Zero Nicotine has consistently remained our #2 recommended natural quit smoking product for several reasons. But we attribute this product’s success mainly to the facts that 1) stop smoking patches are one of the most effective quitting methods, and 2) Zero Nicotine is really the only all natural patch on the market.

All natural products like Zero Nicotine are better than Nicotine-based solutions because they work on stopping cigarette addiction immediately. Thus Zero Nicotine’s ingredients operate cumulatively, so that in a short amount of time the smoker’s cravings are all but eliminated. Though this stop smoking patch formula is a trade secret, we do know that it contains some combination of common ingredients like Licorice, Alfalfa, Peppermint, Ginger and Echinacea. Of course it contains some rarer herbs as well, but most importantly, as the name says there is no Nicotine added.

When quitters finally decide to tackle their Nicotine addiction head-on, Zero Nicotine’s natural agents work with the brain to calm the body’s nerves. Commenters on this site have noted more frequently than with any other product that they forgot what cravings were like: No more racing heart, and no more clenched teeth. Other symptoms of Nicotine withdrawal like agitation and irritability are also significantly reduced.

For those who have been searching for a stop smoking patch, there really isn’t a better choice. You can struggle with products like Nicoderm or the drug store brands all you want, but when you’re ready to end your addiction, Zero Nicotine will be the product to get you there. Highly recommended.

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Strength: The combination of herbs contained in Zero Nicotine suppresses withdrawal symptoms better than all other natural solutions I’ve tried. And I was equally pleased that these effects lasted longer than most others too. This patch is a powerful tool.

Value: Users of natural quit smoking products succeed and thus obtain value when they are consistent and committed. Most smokers should start with at least a 4 month supply, with heavier smokers opting for more.

Results: It is generally advisable to reduce your nicotine intake if possible before you switch to the product. But after that, Zero Nicotine is all you need. It cleans your system fast and takes effect immediately.

Speed of Results: The Nicotine addiction lasts up to a week from your quitting date, although withdrawal symptoms will likely last 8 times that period. Smokers therefore need something to carry them beyond this threshold. The Zero Nicotine patch itself begins to enter the system and alleviate withdrawal within minutes – and reaches full strength within an hour.

Side Effects: No side effects are associated with Zero Nicotine.

User Satisfaction: Quitters like myself are so pleased with the Zero Nicotine product because it is the most user-friendly system on the market. Because the patch needs changing only every few days, the user doesn’t even need to think about smoking for that period.

Ingredients: Zero Nicotine’s formula is a powerful list of natural herbs:

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One comment: Do yourself a favor and buy more than a month’s worth to be safe if you smoke anywhere near a pack a day.

1. You’ll save some money in the long run; and

2. You want to make sure that cravings will be gone when you finally stop using the patch. Guess what happens if you go off them too soon – you’re back at square one.

@Addict, did you use Zero Nicotine? Are you a lawyer or something? Your post looks like a law LOL.

My father smokes way too much now that he retired from working almost 13 hours day every day of the week. He used to work outside on Our Ranch all the time but tried to quit with patches thinking nicoderm cq works. But those patches dn’t work. I just bought Zero nicotine two months ago and it was hard the first couple of days (he still smoked a little for the first two days) but now he never even smokes a single one. This Must be a very strong way to quit.

Currently on day 17 of quitting – aaaaahhhh! I wouldn’t say I “don’t think about smoking” like in the review, but Zero Nicotine is making it a LOT easier!

My friend tried this one for 6 months and she hasn’t smoked for a year. I’ve tried all kinds of ways to quit including Cigarrest. It worked for a while but I went back. Anyway I ordered zero nicotine today, so please wish me luck everyone!

I used Nicoderm for about 2 months as they recommended to do at a minimum. When I tried to wean myself off of using those patches, it felt like I never stopped smoking. It was a COMPLETE waste of time & money.

But Zero Nicotine worked for me. It was the only stop smoking patch without Nicotine that I could find. Fortunately, I never needed another one. Thanks by the way for providing the recommendation on this site. We quitters need to stick together. It’s not easy.


Awesome for working professionals. I’m using my patches while I go to work and nobody knows except my boyfriend ;)

I used to smoke all the time with my friend Kevin. I am so glad I found your site. I have tried so many products and nothing worked until I tried Zero Nicotinee. This stuff just works. I would recommend it to anyone whos tried to quit in the past and has been struggling to quit smoking. It’s easy and simple to use and totally works!

Best stop smoking patches on the market! I only used it for 2 months and haven’t smoked a cigarette in 2 years.

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