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Smoke Deter Review

Review: Smoke Deter is our top recommended alternative to Nicotine gums and lozenges because it too is delivered orally through a daily pill and instant relief throat spray combination. And since cleansing the body of Nicotine is of course the key to quitting smoking, Smoke Deter’s all natural formula is more effective than Nicotine supplements. It works on addiction in two ways: By flushing addictive and toxic drugs from the body AND by killing powerful Nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

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In researching this product you’ll discover that Smoke Deter works by using natural ingredients that have been used for their calming effects for hundreds of years. Extracts from the Nux Vomica and Ignatia Amara trees in China, for example, are still highly valued as powerful alkaloid sources — similar to those found in Nicotine. But as potent as Smoke Deter’s natural chemical compounds are, our research found there to be no side effects at all. This is another advantage over Nicotine gums and lozenges, which cause anxiety and the potential for panic attacks if used too frequently.

Although our rating process weighs the strength and results of quit smoking products most heavily, customer service is also a very important factor. So Smoke Deter worked its way to #2 on our list not just because of its powerful formula, but also due to its 90 day money back guarantee and 24 hour online and telephone support services.

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Strength: Smoke Deter’s spray and pill formula works very well when used. So long as the taker is able to stay on a regular schedule, this combination will be plenty to keep nicotine withdrawal symptoms a thing of the past.

Value: Smoke Deter is currently promoting a limited offer for free product the more you buy, which you will see after entering your contact information. I would recommend at least a 4 month supply to start.

Results: Although this product didn’t work the best for me, I recommend it to anyone who thinks a regular quick-spray and pill formula might work better than a patch solution. Staying with the program clearly makes the difference for your success.

Speed of Results: Nicotine will remain in the system for as long as a week, but because withdrawal symptoms can last much longer you’ll need something to calm cravings for a couple of months. Smoke Deter itself will work immediately when applied. Of course the throat spray delivers much faster via absorption (a few minutes) than do the pills via digestion.

Side Effects: Smoke Deter has no reported side effects from either the spray or the pill.

User Satisfaction: Overall, users have been extremely satisfied with the Smoke Deter system. Its combination quick-spray and pill formula fulfills both of the main difficulties from quitting smoking. While the spray delivers immediate relief from sudden spikes in Nicotine withdrawal symptoms, the pill lessens overall cravings in a more consistent manner. This system is absolutely one of the most successful on the market.

Ingredients: Here are of Smoke Deter’s most powerful active ingredients:

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I know Miracet is supposed to be “for women” but I had a lot more luck with Smoke Deter (and it lasted longer). I’m kind of a brandname type of shopper though, so maybe I am biased. :)

Smoke deter does work, but you must have the right mindset. My wife and I both used this for about 6 months.

I made a conscious decision to stop drinking for the first month (because it was a cigarette trigger). She on the other hand kept having her ladies night out every Thursday and ended up slipping several times. As a result, I’ve kicked the habit for about a year and she . . . well let’s just say I’m gonna get her an e-cig to stop her from stinking like smoke!

Smoke Deter & Miracet are exactly the same product sold by the same company under different names. Exact same ingredient & method of delivery.
Why didn’t you mention this?

We’ve only just reviewed Miracet as it is new to the market. We’ll update the reviews shortly to reflect that. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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