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Miracet Review

Review: So many people have been so upfront about the fact that Miracet is a very strong Nicotine craving killer that I had to review it. Miracet is another effective product that employs the use of a throat spray. Also, while this product is relatively new to the market, its parent company (Natural Products Association) has been in the business since 2002. As a consumer, I always take comfort in knowing a product comes with an established brand.

Because of its hunger-relieving effects, many have been quick to say Miracet is especially for women concerned about their weight. But obviously men get just as hungry, so the product is really appropriate for either sex. Another unique effect of Miracet comes from one of its ingredients that imitates the Nicotine “high,” just enough to get you past the cravings. It is also formulated to remove symptoms like nausea, irritability, cold sweats and insomnia.

The product itself is used by spraying directly under the tongue two to three times a day. At this rate the bottle should last for about a month. The company does stand behind its product, and will accept a refund on all unused materials within 90 days of purchase. When visiting the site you will be prompted to enter your information for a free trial offer. I highly recommend you give this one a shot. I’ve also been told you can enter the code “smoking” to get discounted shipping.

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Strength: Miracet uses a high concentration of a select few herbs to achieve success for its users. This is preferable in many ways than the approaches of Zero Nicotine and Ciga Cease – that is to cram every possibly helpful herb into one formula. For this reason I would say Miracet is relatively strong.

Value: Miracet seems rather confident that you will find value in their product, as they’re offering a free trial. It’s difficult to measure the value of “free.”

Results: I’m recommending Miracet because the company is dependable and they stand behind their product. I like that they are confident to combine a specific blend of a handful of herbs to aid the quitting process.

Speed of Results: Nicotine leaves the system in a week – after that the addiction is all physical. Miracet begins working within the first hour you take it and helps you through the months to come.

Side Effects: There are no reports to this site or Miracet on any side effects from use.

User Satisfaction:All feedback received has been positive, and I’ve heard that Miracet may be in retail stores pretty soon as a result!