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Cigarrest Review

Review: This is one of the oldest natural remedies on the market. Depending on how old you are, you might even remember seeing Cigarrest television commercials back in the 1980s. With a sales history that long, you know this is a product that works. While we have no doubt of that, there are some issues you should be aware of with Cigarrest regarding their customer service (see last paragraph).

Cigarrest uses the shotgun approach to combat nicotine addiction. That is, the program comes with tablets, vitamins and gum that are taken both on a regimen and as needed. Although using the gum is second nature to most quitters, it’s very important to remember to take the the tablets/vitamin on a set schedule. The secret behind CigArrest’s success with so many is because it gives a multifacted approach to quitting. And of course, it’s all natural!

But as I mentioned before, I can’t end this review without mentioning some issues with Cigarrest customer service. I’ve received complaints from many of my readers that call the company’s business practice into question. Until I hear back from Cigarrest, I would recommend you seriously consider some of the other products recommended on this site before you order. That said, I’ve posted more specific product details below.

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Strength: I think Cigarrest’s established name (20 years!) is probably the best testament to its strength. While many don’t want the hassle of trying to remember to take all of these products, I credit Cigarrest’s success specifically to its multi-product system. You’ll need to decide for yourself whether this is the strongest approach for you too.

Value: Cigarrest gives you a free three month supply to start with, so its value is subject to the amount you will use. Generally, unless you are a pretty light smoker I would plan on using the entire amount.

Results: I’m recommending Cigarrest because it is one of the most popular and established natural solutions out there. If you are the type of person who prefers a multifaceted approach to quitting (rather than using a single solution method), Cigarrest’s comprehensive method is likely the best choice on the market.

Speed of Results: Medically, nicotine will leave your system well within a week. But the long term effects of the addiction will last considerably longer subject to the extent of your personal habit. The Cigarrest method, however, will lessen your cravings almost immediately following your first use.

Side Effects: Throughout its lengthy sales history, there have been no known side effects from the Cigarrest products.

User Satisfaction: According to Cigarrest, the program has helped over 1,000,000 customers to quit smoking since 1986. And a lot of its sales have been based on word of mouth advertising. Obviously then, many users have been pleased with this product.

Ingredients: The following are the active ingredients in the Cigarrest formula.

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I did the cigarrest years ago with success but eventuallu went back to smoking. I think I needed a longer program. I have been trying to quit and have tired hypnotism, laser, acupuncture and the whole gammit of other stuff. My friend tried the zero nicotine patch for 6 months and she hasn’t smoked for the last year so time I’m gonna try that one now.

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