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5 Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Featured below is a quick reference table that summarizes our full reviews of the 5 best electronic cigarettes [e-cigs] on the market. It is a compilation of our findings from real consumer input and full e-cig reviews. Use the links on the left of this page for full reviews on electronic cigarettes, including cost breakdowns for replacement cartridges.

Best Electronic Cigarette Ratings Table

Rank Brand Kit Price Battery Value Cartridge Value Customer Popularity Taste Warranty Customers’
1. $89.99 Top 98% 30
2. $59.95 High 90% 30
3. $89.95 Good 88% Lifetime 87%
4. $25.49 Good 83% 30 Days 84%
5. $45.95 Average 84% 30 Days 83%


Customer Input and Best Electronic Cigarette Ratings

We are constantly striving to find new ways for consumers to contribute to our best electronic cigarette ratings. This helps keep our electronic cigarette reviews up-to-date, relevant, and accurate. If you have been a customer with one of these companies, please take the time to share your experience in one of the following ways:

  1. Comments: Below each full electronic cigarette review we have included a comments section. This is the quickest and most direct way to communicate your thoughts with others.
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The best reasons for people to use electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes include many common benefits; No Tar, No Smoke, No Odor etc. Still, there are many differences in these new products that the public needs to be aware of, and that we have highlighted.

The information we used to evaluate and compile these electronic cigarette reviews comes from the actual manufacturers’ claims (i.e. starter kit price, replacement cartridge value, battery value, warranty etc.) or from customer feedback (e.g. taste, customer service popularity etc). For this reason, quit-smoking-comparison.com very much values your feedback. If you have purchased one of these devices, please leave a comment on the full electronic cigarette review pages linked on the left. Thanks, and enjoy!

Quit Smoking Comparison Editor Alyssa with Green Smoke

Electronic Cigarette Review Process

As you can see from the “Best Electronic Cigarette Ratings Table” featured above, we use very specific criteria to distinguish the worst from the best electronic cigarettes. So that you can better understand our ratings methodology, we have laid out the basics below:

  1. Product Guarantees and Warranties:

    In each full electronic cigarette review we include specific information about these products’ guarantee and review programs. Customer service is also a collateral element to this factor, and is also very important in our ratings. The best electronic cigarettes are typically very strong in this area.

  2. Pricing of Starter Kits and Replacement Cartridges:
    The best electronic cigarettes rate high generally for having a superior value to other brands. While some starter kits may appear high, you can look to our full electronic cigarette review pages linked in the left panel to better understand the long term cost breakdown of replacement cartridges.

  3. Battery Lifetimes:

    Batteries are probably the most important parts of electronic cigarettes, so this is a heavily weighed factor in rating them. Companies that frequently improve upon their e-cigarette batteries often make it to our top 5 list.

  4. Flavor Variety and Cartridge Strength:
    While our editors do not consider these factors to be very important, many of our commenters still depend on them for their e-cigarette purchasing decision. Be sure to check the comments below our full electronic cigarette reviews for more specific feedback.


Our Best Reviews From Electronic Cigarette Shoppers

Finding the best e-cig among all the products on the market is no easy task, since electronic cigarettes are sold almost exclusively online. How does one search for the best e-cigarette if one cannot see it in front of him? Well, that’s where quit-smoking-comparison.com comes in. Visit the site and you’ll be able to decide on one within minutes.

I am the type of person who spends hours on all of my online purchases, no matter how big or small. I look at price, quality and a ton of reviews to make sure I’ll never have to buy another product again. It may be overkill, but that’s what I do. And when it came to finding the best electronic cigarette for me, I really didn’t have to do much research beyond www.quit-smoking-comparison.com.

Purchasing an electronic cigarette was made easy for me with quit-smoking-comparison.com. The site lists the most popular models, and breaks down the most important factors for you. The cartridge cost listings are especially helpful.

Top E-Cig Review Summaries

Green Smoke – This is the one electronic cigarette product that reviews high in value, customer service and consumer satisfaction. The cartridges all include individual atomizers which make this 2 piece design more convenient and easier electronic cigarette to use when compared to other 3 piece construction systems.

With luscious, rich flavors that include Mocha Mist, Absolute Tobacco and cool, refreshing Menthol Ice there is always a smooth taste and flavor to enjoy. There are also a variety of cartomizers to choose as replacements. Serious smokers can purchase a 24 milligram cartridge but there are also 12 mg, 4 mg and even O mg versions available. One cartridge of Green Smoke is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes and you can purchase 5 of these cartridges for less than $15.

If you are searching for an electronic cigarette to buy then Green Smoke deserves more than a casual puff. . . Full Green Smoke Review

Smoke Tip -The Smoke Tip electronic cigarette is the latest in great technology to help you stop smoking, and is very affordable. The fantastic starter kit will allow you to stop smoking immediately, and comes in a huge array of different flavors. This brand of electronic cigarette also comes with a lifetime guaranty for the battery, which is the best on the market. While some have complained about Smoke Tip’s battery quality, most of their customers seem to be very happy with the product.

The flavor of the cigarette still allows you to have the satisfying qualities that normal tobacco provides without the health risks.

The biggest appeal to these particular electronic cigarettes is that their amazing price cannot be beaten by others. Replacement cartridges especially are very affordable when compared with some of the other brands . . . Full Smoke Tip Review

Safe Cig -If you are looking for an e-cigarette to kick your smoking habit, then the Safe Cig is what you need. It is essentially maintenance free due to its 2 piece design. As far as value, there is no better electronic cigarette. Although the starter kit may cost a bit more, the replacement cartridges are very cost effective. You will save more money by only paying $0.06 each smoke.

There are only three flavors to choose from; since the goal is to stop smoking then the lack of flavors will make it an easy habit to break. The cartridges have varying amounts of nicotine from a heavy concentration of nicotine to zero nicotine making it very possible to slowly wean yourself off of cigarettes . . . Full Safe Cig Review

South Beach Smoke -If you’ve been looking for a way to quit smoking, this electronic cigarette review for South Beach electronic cigarettes will get you started in the right direction. They are a state of the art option that offers a convenient home delivery service. By signing up for their replacement cartridge subscription service you’ll receive 15 cartridges a month as well as save a ton of money. If you find you’re not using all the cartridges you can modify the delivery terms any time you like.

The South Beach cartridges come is a great variety of favors including chocolate, cherry, regular tobacco as well as vanilla menthol . . . Full South Beach Smoke Review

Premium E-Cigarette - The Premium E-cigarette is one of the best cigarettes on the market for a unique set of customers. Not only do you get to have a personally designed e-cigarette, you can add custom colors as well for an extra flair. Perhaps what really stands out about Premium E-cigarette is that the company offers a lot more choices – from cartridge flavors to styles – than many other e-cigarettes out there.

It is very inexpensive to begin with, but with the many starter kit options, it is very easy to save even more money. There are many different flavors to choose from including many favorites such as Peach, Menthol Vanilla and even Tequila . . . Full Premium E-Cigarette Review